FAQ - Product Page

Question: What is the purpose of the CureBrace Back Belt?

Answer: The CureBrace Back belt is used to reduce the forces on the spine, increase intra abdominal pressure, stiffen the spine and reduce loads on your spine.

Question: Will the CureBrace help with lower back pain?

Answer: Wearing our brace can improve or in some cases even resolve lower back pain and injury symptoms entirely.

Question: What are the Benefits of wearing a back brace?

Answer:  Immobilize injured areas and assist in recovery. Stabilize areas of weakness immediately after surgery. Help lessen strain and pressure on the spine while heavy lifting.
Improve posture and elongate the spine. Make transitional movements, such as sitting to standing, more comfortable. Alleviate back pain. Lumbar support device to name a few.

Question: How does it work?

Answer: It works by providing additional support to the structures of the lower back, including the intricate muscles and bones of the lower back and spine.

Question: Can i wear the back brace all day?

Answer: We recommend using the CureBrace as required, we wouldn't recommend wearing it everyday of your life as your muscles will start to adapt to wearing it. We recommend wearing the back brace at times when you have discomfort or you are doing some physical activity which requires assistance or sitting for long periods of time. We also always recommend consulting your medical practitioner as he will be able to guide you with the best time to use for your specific problems..

Question: Can i sleep in my back brace?

Answer: We recommend not wearing a back brace in bed, this is a time when your spine should be fairly relaxed

Question: Can i wear a back brace while sitting?

Answer: Yes, you definitely can. We recommend wearing it when sitting for long periods of time, or when you have discomfort. It will help maintain correct posture and lessen tension in your lower back.

Question: Can i wear the CureBrace under my clothes?

Answer: The back brace is usually worn over a shirt to avoid any discomfort or excess dampness, however if you are comfortable you can wear it under a shirt.

Question: Does the CureBrace help with Scaitica?

Answer: Yes. Our back brace can provide enough compression and support to prevent further injury and encourage healing. Our users have found it significantly helps them avoid opioids for pain relief, as the back brace provides optimal support and reduces pain.

Question: Does the CureBrace help with Scoliosis?

Answer: A scoliosis curve usually does not improve without surgery. However, studies have shown that wearing a back belt can often prevent the progression of scoliosis. As such wearing the CureBrace can be an effective way to keep scoliosis curve's relatively small and manageable.

Question: Can I drive with the back brace on?

Answer: Yes, you can use the back brace while driving, it can be worn all day long, we do not recommend using while sleeping.

If you have any further questions that are not answered above, please just send us a quick email to support@curebrace.com and we can help guide you, otherwise consult your  medical practitioner.