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SensBin UltraClean™: The Future of Clean & Odor-Free Living

SensBin UltraClean™ is the future of hygienic living. Merging advanced technology with elegance, it neutralizes odors and ensures efficient waste disposal. More than a bin, it's a revolution in cleanliness, elevating every home's ambiance. Experience sophisticated, odor-free living with SensBin UltraClean™.

  • Convenience and Aesthetics

  • Ease of Use

  • Sufficient Capacity

  • Innovative Features

  • Odor Control

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Revolutionizing Waste Disposal: The SensBin UltraClean Experience

Introducing SensBin UltraClean: the epitome of convenience and aesthetic design. This compact yet spacious trash can offers easy, touch-free disposal with its motion-activated feature. Its sleek design fits seamlessly into any space, while the innovative sensor ensures a hygienic experience. Plus, with its tight-sealing lid, odors are a thing of the past. Experience waste disposal like never before with SensBin.

Why You'll Love Our

SensBin UltraClean Trash Bin

  • Odor Containment
  • Ergonomic
  • Space-Efficient
  • Elegant Design
  • Hygienic 
  • Tight Sealing Lid

Solution to elevate your waste disposal system and enhance your overall home hygiene

Hygienic Touchless Experience

The motion-activated sensor allows users to dispose of waste without physically touching the trash can, reducing the spread of germs and ensuring a more sanitary waste disposal process.

Aesthetic Appeal

The sleek and modern design of the trash can makes it a visually pleasing addition to any room, complementing various interior decors.

Space-Efficient Design with Adequate Capacity

Despite its compact size, the trash can offers a decent capacity, making it suitable for various spaces like bathrooms, offices, or kitchens. Its design ensures optimal use of space without compromising on functionality.

Odor Containment

The tight-sealing lid effectively contains odors within the trash can, ensuring that the surrounding environment remains fresh and odor-free.


Space Efficient

Cost savings


SensBin UltraClean Trash Can: A Revolution in Waste Management

Introducing the Smart Automatic Trash Can, a cutting-edge solution designed to make waste disposal more efficient and hygienic. With features such as motion sensors, automatic lid opening, and a compact design, this trash can ensures a hands-free and odor-free experience. Ideal for both homes and offices, it's time to upgrade your waste management system with this innovative product. Say goodbye to manual trash handling and embrace the future of cleanliness!

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What is the SensBin UltraClean?

The SensBin UltraClean is a modern waste disposal solution that uses sensors to detect when you want to throw away trash, automatically opening the lid for a hands-free experience.

How does the SensBin UltraClean work?

The trash can is equipped with motion sensors that detect when an object or hand is near the lid. Once detected, the lid will automatically open, allowing you to dispose of your waste without touching the can.

Can the SensBin UltraClean be used outdoors?

The SensBin UltraClean is designed primarily for indoor use. While it may be used in covered outdoor areas, it's recommended to avoid direct exposure to rain or extreme weather conditions to ensure longevity.

Does it have a bag retention system?

Yes, the trash can features a bag retention ring that ensures the trash bag stays in place and remains hidden from view, providing a neat and tidy appearance.

Is there a manual override option for the lid?

Yes, the SensBin UltraClean comes with a manual override button, allowing users to open and close the lid manually if needed.

Can I use regular trash bags with the SensBin UltraClean?

Yes, it is designed to be compatible with standard 12 to 16-gallon trash bags depending on the variety you purchased, making it convenient for users.

Is the SensBin UltraClean safe for children and pets?

Yes, it is designed with safety in mind. The sensors are precise, ensuring that the lid only opens when intended. Additionally, the lid closes gently to prevent any accidental injuries.

What is the capacity of the SensBin UltraClean?

The SensBin UltraClean has a capacity of 12 - 16 gallons, making it suitable for both home and office use.

How is the SensBin UltraClean powered?

The SensBin UltraClean operates on 4 AA batteries or 
USB charging, ensuring a long-lasting performance without the need for frequent battery replacements.

What should I do if the lid doesn't open automatically?

If the lid doesn't open, first check the batteries to ensure they are not depleted. If the batteries are fine, ensure that sensors are not obstructed by dirt or debris. If you purchased the charging variety, please ensure that it is fully charged. If the issue persists, refer to the troubleshooting section in the product manual.